Exhibiting the Writing of Authors from Boston Down the Cape

Our bays, our grounds — our tidelands — are a place of superlative allure. They are animate, and they animate. Find here the first home for literary works brought about by lives well lived on the South Shore and Cape Cod.
Tricked Out
Custom designed from the ground-up for a seamless writing, editing and publishing experience.
Writing is brought to its highest form with a constructive feedback loop via online workshop.

Get a sense for how it works — visit Rooster Land

Rooster Land is a parallel literary space that hails from Providence, Rhode Island. It features fictive fragments, nuts and lightening bolts, and particulate matters. Served up fresh from farm to tablet.
Pieces are worked over by the collective and democratically elevated to public viewership.
Writers can track all the revisions in the development of a piece, from draft to definite.
Dimly Lit
The platform is pseudonymous — the best literature is born of fearlessness.
iOS Layers
iOS Layers

Tell me more — some FAQs, answered.

How does a writer get involved?
Send an inquiry to with a few sentences about yourself, your primary area of residence, a very brief sample of your writing, and we'll take it from there. While the digital magazine draws from a broad swath of the community, the online writing workshop is limited to an elect group of 8-12 established writers who have demonstrated capacity to regularly contribute new pieces and engage with the work of other constituents.
What do you look for in a writer and their work?
Tideland and its readers prize the literary outflow of extraordinary experience. We look for authentic, emotive and profoundly honest accounts from lives richly lived. The signal trait of our writers is a portfolio of uncommon encounters and exploits. We publish across the spectrum of genres, including fiction, journalism, memoir, poetry, abstraction, essay, history, non-fiction, epistle, philosophy, religion, spirituality, and more.
Who owns the work published by Tideland?
Our writers do. Tideland acquires an exclusive right to publication and display for an initial 90 day window, and then a perpetual non-exclusive right to publication and display thereafter. Tideland also offers a variety of custom copyrights for expanded utility (e.g., creative commons, no right to display, or a unique lorem ipsum license).
What features does the online workshop have?
Private publication to only a select writing community; pseudonymity to facilitate honesty; a curated reply thread for each piece; notifications to any other writer by addressing them directly; dedicated channels for writers that demonstrate capacity for seriality; organization of content by theme and other parameters; and more.
When will things go live?
The workshop will go live once the requiste cadre of writers has been selected. Writers are currently being recruited to join what will be a small and refined body devoted not simply to the vocation, but to bringing about and experiencing the remarkable. Content will then be continually drafted, revised, edited, and finalized in the workshop before being queued up for publication with Tideland in a recurrent web-based archive that also produces ocassional offprints.
How can I get involved if I'm not a writer?
We have relationships with kindred organizations in the community — artistic, academic, literary, environmental, historical, social, and otherwise. Tideland documents and deepens the exceptional richness of life shared among us on the South Shore — we contribute to and rely on our community. Sponsorship and advertising opportunities are available to support our work. Of course, our readership is as important as our writers and supporters — so please enjoy, and share.
Partnerships in the Making

We're building relationships with these kindred organizations.

Branch, Climb

Rooted in Duxbury, halfway between flowers of Boston and Cape, Tideland is a family tree — a collective and a community. You are encouraged to contact us and express any quality or degree of interest.
Primary Interest
Our Target

Social media heralded the flattening of culture and it delivered.

Nodal consciousness was a big jump. It may feel paradoxical, but by establishing a new value tier for content we are strengthening the writer. The flat model for social media abbreviates the half-life of thought, betrays the promise of the long-tail, encourages egocentric alienating discourse, and preps the ground for a consolidation of media power.

Culture in our physical community is vital to life well lived. We dedicate our work to the people who call Boston down the Cape their home. We write for the annals and archives, and against the tyranny of trending.

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